Tidelines, the community blog of Seabrook Island, is an online information resource dedicated to keeping the Seabrook Island community informed.  Through its articles, Tidelines provides information about local activities and events, Charleston area cultural happenings, and a broad variety of topics of general interest.  During emergencies, Tidelines relays announcements and other timely information.

In addition to the daily articles, the Tidelines website offers an abundance of useful information from “Do You Know” articles on topics ranging from safety to “Hurricane Hints” and “Living on Seabrook Island.”  Tidelines also distributes important information through its TidelinesAlert Twitter account which notifies its subscribers about urgent local traffic, weather, and emergency conditions.

Property owners, renters, visitors, and the general public are invited to sign up to Tidelines and receive its articles via email.  There is no cost to subscribers, and enrollment options include receiving the emails as they are posted or to have them grouped into daily or weekly digests.