Recycling Information

A Word On Recycling

Charleston County recently began the operation of a new state-of-the-art recycling facility.  They have implemented an education program to help make sure that only recyclables arrive at the facility.  A load of recyclables from Seabrook Island was recently rejected by the processor at Charleston County’s new recycling facility. The load contained too high of a threshold of contamination, or non-recyclable items, like plastic bags, shrink wrap, bagged recyclables, metal items (pots & pans), and cables/cords. Non-recyclable contamination damages equipment poses worker safety issues and increases the cost of recycling. With the opening of this new recycling facility, the County is asking citizens to ensure that they are “Recycling Right.” The County recycling program only accepts glass bottles & jars, aluminum & steel cans, plastic bottles & containers, paperboard & cardboard, and paper.  The attached flyer outlines what should not be placed into your recycle cart.  Thanks for helping Seabrook “Recycle Right”!

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