Joyce Phillips

My Seabrook story will have many of you smiling by the end of this paragraph. Larry and I discovered Seabrook 10 years ago. On a friend’s suggestion, we spent time on Kiawah. While there, we became curious about that other island off the roundabout. So we came to Seabrook the following year and came back again and again. In 2017 we purchased a Spinnaker. We enjoyed it for 4½ years and sold it after purchasing our house. We now reside on Seabrook full-time. Surely you have never heard this unique story!

My interest in Seabrook began immediately. I was elected to the Spinnaker HOA Board of Directors in October 2017 and served on that board until July 2021. I also served on the Seabrook Island Club Membership Committee from 2019 to 2022. In 2021 I was privileged to be a member of the Club’s Search Committee for a new GM/COO. In June 2022 I was elected to the SINHG Board of Directors and am a trip leader. I currently serve on SIPOA’s Activities Committee.

My professional career of 38 years is framed by 22 years administrative experience working for boards as school district superintendent, assistant superintendent, and state education administrator. I have experience in policy based governance; bylaws; budgeting and finance; communications; contract negotiations; long range planning; buildings and grounds.

My volunteer board work prior to Seabrook includes 10 years service on 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) community-based nonprofits.

I am a leader with positive people skills. I am an active listener, reflective thinker, and find value in engaging multiple perspectives to reach resolutions. I am collaborative by nature, seeking common ground and quality decisions.

My education is a B.A. from the University of South Carolina; M.A. from the University of West Florida; Ed.S. and Ed.D. from Indiana University.

I grew up in Columbia, SC. Larry and I met at USC and married upon graduation. We have two adult children and 8 grandchildren. Our daughter’s family lives in Phoenix; our son’s family in Indianapolis.

Why am I interested in serving on the SIPOA Board? I think I have the background, experience, and leadership qualities to represent and serve Seabrook property owners. The island is reaching build out; a significant number of properties changed ownership in the last 2 years; the permanent resident population is increasing.

It is imperative that common interests and responsibilities be discussed in search for solutions. Collaboration is key whether it is long range planning; environment; finance; general operation and maintenance; activities; communications; or safety and security.

Seabrook Island is unique. The governance structure is complex. TOSI, SIPOA, SIC. Each entity has its own area of responsibility. Those differences are consistently shared with new residents and long-standing residents alike. Yet, there are areas in which all entities have a connected interest. Those areas need to be more fully explored and promoted.

I believe my involvement with Seabrook Island boards and committees since 2017 demonstrates my commitment to the island.

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