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SIPOA Commercial Rules & Regulations

1. SIPOA Security tracks vehicles by license plate and barcode numbers and monitors commercial vehicles to ensure compliance with Rules & Regulations. All contractor IDs, driver’s licenses, and vehicles are scanned and/or monitored via video. Barcodes/passes are issued for specific vehicles and may not be transferred. If you sell a vehicle for which a barcode was issued, the barcode must be removed from the vehicle and returned to the SIPOA Office. All passes, decals, and access devices are the property of SIPOA and must be surrendered upon request.


2. Commercial vehicle gate access begins at 6:30 am. Deliveries and noisy work may be conducted from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm, Monday through Saturday. All contractors must vacate Seabrook Island by 8:00 pm.


3. The speed limit is 25 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted. *Zero tolerance – speed is checked by Radar. Infractions could result in the issuance of speeding citations and/or forfeiture of pass privileges. Every vehicle within Seabrook Island shall stop when signaled to do so by a Security vehicle by siren or flashing yellow lights. Every driver so signaled shall produce, on request by a Security Officer, driver’s license and registration of the vehicle being operated.


4. Travel to and from the job site via the most direct route from the gate. A commercial pass does not allow access to the Seabrook Island Development (SID) on days you do not work, nor does it permit you to be on Seabrook Island after authorized hours or after your work contract is complete. Parking is limited to one side of the road only, in the direction of traffic.


5. Do Not:

    1. Pass bicycles at traffic islands or pass slow-moving vehicles unless invited to do so.
    2. Bring children or pets to the work sites.
    3. Use a property owner guest pass to conduct commercial work.


6. Firearms/fireworks, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, explosives, and stolen property are prohibited.


7. Vehicles containing construction or yard debris must be securely covered while driving on Seabrook Island roadways. Contractors are responsible to clean up any debris removed from the job site that falls off the truck trailer in the course of its removal from the SID.


8. Soliciting is not permitted. Flyers or other materials may not be placed in/on mailboxes or doorsteps.  Advertising signage is prohibited.


9. Violations of any SIPOA Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures, or any Federal, State, County, or Municipal law may result in pass revocation and/or monetary assessments. Every commercial entity will be responsible for violations by employees and Sub-Contractors.


10. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. License checks and scans may be made by SIPOA Security.


11. SIPOA will deactivate the barcode(s) of any contractor in violation of the above rules, and access to Seabrook Island will be terminated. There is a $50.00 fee for replacement barcodes or to reactivate confiscated or terminated barcodes.