Want to Rent a Low Speed Vehicle?

LSV/NEVs are permitted on SIPOA roads and approved for street use only:

• Each LSV/NEV must be registered and insured pursuant to applicable state motor vehicle laws
pertaining to such vehicles, have a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and display
appropriate LSV license plates
• Each LSV/NEV must display a valid SIPOA entry device or pass
• Only drivers having a valid driver’s license may operate LSV/NEVs on SIPOA roads
• LSV/NEVs may not be operated on any bicycle path, walking path or boardwalk, or on the beach
• LSV/NEVs shall be subject to the motor vehicle parking restrictions contained in the SIPOA Rules and Regulations
• Off-road tires may not be used on LSV/NEVs

Important! Golf carts or modified (“street legal”) golf carts do not qualify as LSV/NEVs, and shall not be operated within the Seabrook Island Development.