Visitor Access & Parking

Seabrook Island is a community of full-time and part-time residents.  We are happy to share our community with visitors and expect them to respect our neighborhood.  We hope you will treat your neighbors and property here the same as at home.

Tenants who are expressly identified in rental documents may likewise authorize the entry of Visitors as an implicit right delegated by the renting Property Owner; however, guests of such identified tenants may NOT authorize the entry of additional guests. Tenants and non-Property Owner Club members are responsible for the behavior of their Guests or Invitees within the SID. Visitors, particularly guests of Tenants, may not authorize access for others.

All visitors and guests must obtain a paper pass at our main security gate before entering the island. Once a pass has been obtained, please keep it in the dash of your vehicle at all times, or you will incur a citation issued by SIPOA Security. Please be sure to follow the  safety rules below:

Motor Vehicles & Bicycles

  • Obey all traffic laws. Speed limits (25 miles per hour unless a lower limit is posted) and stop signs are strictly enforced.
  • The SIPOA Security force actively enforces speed limits with radar at various locations. Violators will receive citations for violations, with the amount based on the type of infraction as specified in the SIPOA Rules Regulations.
  • Vehicles must come to a full STOP at all stop signs and obey all posted signs.
  • Failure to stop for a Security vehicle, and failure to cooperate with a Security Officer in the performance of their duties are violations of the SIPOA Rules & Regulations.
  • All vehicle operators on Seabrook Island must always have a valid driver’s license and vehicle registration in their possession and may be asked for their license when obtaining a gate-entry pass.
  • Every motor vehicle operator on Seabrook Island (including Bay Pointe and Salt Marsh) must obtain and display an entry pass in the vehicle at all times.
  • Motor vehicles may not pass bicyclists at traffic islands. Do not speed up to get around bicyclists ahead of the islands.
  • Cyclists must obey all traffic rules and regulations and must ride single file, in the direction of traffic at all times. Use head and tail lights after dusk.  Do not ride on boardwalks.  Ride carefully and share the road.
  • Motorcycles and golf carts are not permitted on Seabrook Island roads. Low-Speed Vehicles with valid LSV registration and license plates may be used.


  • There is No Beach Parking on Seabrook Island Roads or in private Villa parking areas. Please use designated beach access parking only.
  • The Property Owners’ pool and adjacent parking area on Oyster Catcher Court are for Property Owners and their accompanied guests ONLY.  Use of the parking lot is restricted to vehicles with Property Owner barcodes or Property Owner passes.
  • Recreational vehicles, boats, and campers must be stored in spaces available at the Seabrook Island Club Maintenance area. Contact John Fitzpatrick at (620)762-3489 for additional information and fees.
  • Parking at the Boardwalk 1 area is reserved for persons with disabilities, and limited to vehicles with government-issued “Disabled License Plates or Placards.” To access the area, go to the Security gate to obtain the gate code and SIPOA handicap placard.

Beach Parking Map – The map shows all of the beach parking spaces on the island including paved spaces, grass spaces, owner-only spaces, LSV spaces, handicap spaces, and even bike spaces. In total, there are 241 motor vehicle spaces on the island and each one can be viewed using this interactive map.

To contact the security gate, please call 843-768-6641