Thomas Johnson

My wife (Kate) and I are full-time Seabrook Island residents since January 1, 2020, relocating from 20+ years in Minneapolis, MN. We have owned our single-family home near boardwalk 3 since 2017.  I am fully retired from a career with two professional services firms, starting in 1984 with KPMG and joining PwC in 2009. My professional roles included leading consulting projects, developing detailed proposals, composing strategic plans, operationalizing those plans into projects, applying technology solutions, delivering project implementations, and measuring project impacts for the stakeholders.

Since March 2021 I have been serving on the SIPOA GOMC committee. In that role I have been exposed to the Island Vision and Mission statements, the 2021-2022 Capital Plan, the 2021 SIPOA Strategic Plan, the 2020 Flood Management Plan, the SIPOA professional staff, and the SIPOA board cadence. Since retiring and relocating in 2020 during the pandemic, we are active in volunteering with Holy Spirit Parish, the Feeding America Network, and the Low Country Foodbank.    

Position Statement

One of the reasons my wife and I selected Seabrook Island for our home is the sense of community and the property-owners board having responsibility for managing the island’s natural environment, infrastructure, and expansion in a careful balance. After reviewing the 2021 SIPOA Strategic Plan, the 2020 Flood Management Plan, it’s clear the Board is making real progress on Flood Management projects.  I believe the following high priority areas should be addressed beginning in 2022:

  • Improve traffic safety (pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle): Island safety must be an absolute priority and we should consider the entire “traffic safety” toolbox to redesign our high-risk areas, improve utilization of common parking areas, and enforce the current safety rules.
  • Redesign the Lake House and Oyster Catcher facilities: The combination of shifting demographics, increasing number of residents, and modern health/wellness expectations, results in the need to re-think these facilities. The SIPOA Board, with the homeowners’ input, should develop a detailed plan for improving the experiences at these amenities. 
  • Plan comprehensively to upgrade and develop the island front end: This area of the island, stretching from the Town Hall to the Lake House, has become a pain point during busy traffic periods. Any advancements in this area should also consider under-utilized structures and the best first impression of the island. We need an improvement plan based on homeowner’s input.
  • Update the communications infrastructure: We must offer state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure especially with hybrid work models, video streaming and 5-G connectivity since most of us do not have landlines. SIPOA needs a plan working with the right technology partners to provide a resilient communications infrastructure.
  • Remain committed to preserving our natural environment: The Board must stay committed to the activities required to retain the Audubon International Sustainable Community and the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) certifications.   

I can add value to the SIPOA Board based on the broad mix of my consulting projects and my recent participation on the SIPOA GOMC subcommittee.