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Cupping now available at the Lake House! 
Check out new massage therapist, Julie Hudson as she shows you in this video how medi-cupping can help with tennis elbow.

First, coconut oil is applied to the client’s forearm as Julie feels for tension or knots in the muscles. The machine is then turned on and the appropriate cup size is selected. The cupping machine will increase blood circulation into that area of the forearm. The amount of suction can be increased or decreased to accommodate the client’s comfort level. Once the client is comfortable and the skin appears a nice pink color, the cupping is changed to continuous suction. The cup is them moved from the client’s mid-forearm to your elbow, lifting up on the cup slightly to move the fascia, and break up adhesion in the forearm muscle.

Lake House Massage Therapist

Availability: Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Lake House Massage Therapist & Esthetician

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Introducing New Lake House Massage Therapist: Julie Hudson

Julie Hudson grew up in Charleston, SC. She attended The College of Charleston, where she earned a BS degree in Elementary / Special Education. In 1980. she got married and moved to Orlando, FL, where she taught children with learning disabilities for 5 years. When her first child was born, she moved back to Charleston and had her second son. As her children grew, she went back to school and got her certification to teach preschool and children with learning disabilities.

In 2006, Julie decided to have a career change. She graduated from the Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy, and became certified as a massage / bodywork therapist in 2007. She began her career working with chiropractors, athletic fitness centers and spas, where she learned several techniques using deep tissue, trigger point therapy and stretching therapy to help improve range-of-motion and pain management. For the past 10 years, she developed her skills in massage cupping to help her clients feel better by loosening adhesions in the muscle groups, increasing blood flow where needed, and eliminating toxins in the tissues, organs and systems. Massage cupping can be a gentle, noninvasive technique that achieves powerful results in: pain reduction, joint mobilization, lymph drainage, scar reduction, detoxification, and releasing tight / contracted muscle tissue or fascia.

It’s simply amazing how massage can help improve one’s overall health! Julie enjoys using her skills to meet the client’s individual needs and concerns.

During her leisure time, she enjoys being with her family and friends, crocheting crafts and traveling to the beach and mountains.