Recreation & Fitness Schedule & Class Cancellations

Recreation & Fitness Schedule – October

Amenity Cards are REQUIRED for access to The Lake House. Please remember to bring your amenity card with you.

Please note that everyone (vaccinated and unvaccinated) is required to wear a mask inside The Lake House. However, masks may be removed while exercising.

Please wipe machines and equipment down after use. We ask that you spray the towel first, then wipe down the machine. The heart rate monitors lose sensitivity if sprayed directly and will eventually stop working. The screens on the Peleton bikes if directly sprayed will cause damage and stop working.



Introducing New Lake House Fitness Class beginning in November!


 Pilates will be held in Live Oak Hall on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm beginning Wednesday, November 3rd.

Pilates benefits many types of people, at many levels of fitness. Through Pilates and Core focused exercises participants can experience improvements in range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture, and abdominal strength as well as possible and decreases in back, neck, and joint pain. Pilates is a system of strengthening and stretching exercises designed to develop the body’s core, mobilize the spine and build flexibility. One of the invaluable benefits of Pilates and core work is increased body awareness. Soon, you’ll feel stronger, more toned, and will carry yourself with better posture. The best thing about Pilates is how much awareness it gives us about our bodies. You’ll move with more ease and feel great, overall.

Pilates will be taught by Alison Standard. This class is considered part of the regular fitness class schedule and is included in the Monthly Class Pass.

The Lake House Fitness Class Cancellations

  • The following classes will be CANCELLED Tuesday, November 2nd for the Municipal Election:
    • Early Rise Yoga
    • Cardio Interval
    • Core Fusion
    • Get Pumped
    • HIIT Boxing
  • ALL Fitness Classes will be CANCELLED the following days:
    • Thursday, November 25th (Thanksgiving)
    • Friday, November 26th
    • Saturday, November 27th