Sherri Goodwin

My husband, Dean, and I have been a part of the Seabrook Island community when moving into our home in the Jenkins Point area in August 2017. After retiring in 2015, we considered our options and decided on spending part of the year here on Seabrook Island, spring and fall, and enjoying Snowmass Village, CO, during the winter and summer season.  

Prior to retirement, we lived on Lake Michigan and my meeting management and incentive travel company were based in Indiana.  As president of the company, I was able to use my leadership skills to find, hire and then encourage our staff to produce and use their talents to the best of their abilities.  Our company ran programs, generally for 200 – 7,000+ participants where we had to address many individual needs, handle issues that would arise, all while keeping a positive attitude.  The job required a business sense, organizational skills, providing thorough information, and recognizing that everyone’s need is the most important one that needs to be addressed and resolved.

Recognizing the importance of giving back to your community, I’ve served with the following organizations. 

  • St. Joseph County Community Foundation board (IN)
  • The South Bend Symphony board (IN)
  • Rotary Clubs in Indiana and Colorado, where I’ve served as President (2x) and various boards
  • Junior League of South Bend, IN, chairing several boards
  • Five Star Life board member (IN+)
  • Granger Community Church producer and board member (IN)
  • Harbert Community Church board member (MI)
  • Snowmass Chapel executive board and Stewardship board chair (CO)
  • Valley Settlement Project, English teaching volunteer (CO)
  • Charleston Respite Care

During my time on Seabrook Island, I have found the neighbors to be welcoming, the natural resources to be amazing, and the activities available offer a healthy lifestyle – all that I wanted for this stage of my life.  I’m excited to see all age ranges enjoying the island from children who live here, grandchildren that visit as well as a safe and comfortable setting for seniors that have made Seabrook Island their home.  

Our vision and mission statement focuses on the importance of maintaining this lifestyle and, if elected, I would look into finding candidates that would continue to follow these guidelines during their elected terms. As part of the Nominating Committee, I feel that I can use my organizational skills to prioritize the concept of searching, reviewing, and bringing to the community quality candidates.  I would view it as my responsibility to be alert to potential candidates by being observant through relationships and conversations with people I might view as qualified individuals that would add to the work of SIPOA. In representing our residents as part of this committee, I would encourage clear communication, discernment in reviewing candidates, and organized processes when providing a slate of valued individuals to be considered for the SIPOA board.

We consider Seabrook Island as our home and residence where beauty and nature surround us and I am continually thankful to be a part of this wonderful bit of paradise.