Renew 50

As Seabrook Island grows at a pace reaching full build-out in about five years, meeting the current and anticipated future needs of Property Owners is a top priority for SIPOA. Two separate capacity and usage studies of SIPOA facilities affirm this is the time to take action to meet future needs.

Renew 50 is the name of a multi-phase facilities improvement project to upgrade the Lake House and Oyster Catcher Community Center over the next several years to meet Property Owner requests. The name Renew 50 recognizes Seabrook Island Property Owners Association’s upcoming Golden Anniversary to be celebrated in 2024 – the year we hope to break ground on the new offerings on the Oyster Catcher parcel.

Below are resources to help Property Owners learn more about this important future investment project.

SIPOA Vision Statement | To be an idyllic ocean-front environment where neighbors collaborate to sustain and renew our island’s natural beauty and experience a wonderful quality of life.

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