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Our LRP Facilities Subcommittee is launching a very significant project targeting a major “reimagining” of the Oyster Catcher Community Center. This facility is aging and I need of rejuvenation to better serve our community. An architectural design firm has been engaged to help with the planning of this project. There will be much more information about this in coming months as we are targeting to fully inform property owners about concepts and plans well in advance of finalization.

Currents, Summer 2022

As one example, in this issue of “Currents” you will find a report from the Facilities Programming and Conceptualization Subcommittee (FPCS). While there is still work to be done before the FPCS finalizes its recommendations, in this report you can get a flavor of the scope and direction of what is being considered. We are looking forward with great anticipation to the output of this Committee and to their vision for the new and upgraded facilities – targeting a future combination of the Lake House and the Community Center that will serve property owner interests in better and expanded ways. Please read this report and feed your comments back to us! There will be organized ways for property owners to provide inputs during the coming months, but it’s never too early to share your thoughts at

Currents, September 2022

During the Property Owner comment portion of the Board meeting, a question was asked about plans for the Oyster Catcher Community Center and Lake House. I’ll summarize the Board’s response below:
– In accordance with Goal 2 in the 2021 Strategic Plan, research into the capacity and utilization of SIPOA facilities has been underway for more than two years. Using this research information, the Long Range Planning committee and Facilities Subcommittee have projected future facility needs and developed conceptual guidelines. Recently, the subcommittee enlisted outside professional support to help develop those guidelines as required in the project Concept Phase.

– Following good project practices, a new Communications subcommittee has been formed and charged with development of a communication plan to disseminate information to, and solicit information from, Property Owners throughout the life of the project. Property Owner input on this project is included in the 2022 Property Owner Survey, so please be sure to complete the survey.
– Following robust communications, any proposal development will be subject to a property owner vote. The vote will not be at the 2023 Annual Meeting, but at a later date.

Currents, October 2022

As we move deeper into the fall season there is one major initiative that is taking shape in our POA that you will be hearing a lot more about during the coming months. Our Facilities Subcommittee is making great strides to flesh out what will eventually become their recommendations to the Board for enhancement and development of SIPOA facilities to meet expected and future requirements. We are getting to the point where more detailed communications with Property Owners about our planning will start. In this issue of “Currents” you will find a letter from the recently formed Facilities Communication Subcommittee that lays out the background to this project and describes upcoming next steps. Please stay tuned to news from SIPOA about this project. We are fully committed to laying this major undertaking out in all aspects for Property Owners before bringing the project to a referendum vote later in 2023. There will be plenty of opportunities for Property Owner comment during the coming months before we come to a vote, so please take every opportunity to learn details about the project and to provide your comments and suggestions.

Currents, November 2022