Renew 50 | Current Status

At its August 21 meeting, the Board passed a motion to engage Management Matters, an independent consulting firm whose expertise is assisting POA’s with facilities management and information collection. This effort is in response to Property Owner comments, inquiries, and observations regarding the Renew 50 project as it was originally proposed. The project work is intended to have three phases. Further communications will be forthcoming as this project moves forward.

Phase 1 is a review of the Lake House Utilization Analysis including existing data and projections; identification of analysis gaps, if any; recommendations of practical and achievable data collection opportunities; and verification of the need for expanded facilities. At the end of phase 1, and each succeeding phase, there is a management review and decision to proceed (or not) by the Renew 50 oversight leadership team.

Phase 2 is a a survey of Property Owners. The completed surveys will be tabulated and analyzed by the consulting firm into a formal report including an executive summary; question-by-question analysis and interpretation of results; comparison of these results with the firm’s survey database; data tables; and written comments from property owners.

Phase 3 is a series of ten focus groups to gather information post-survey. Following focus group meetings, a written summary of comments will be provided to SIPOA along with recommended actions based on focus group input.

  • AUGUST 2023 | Board authorized hiring consultant to review Lake House Utilization Analysis; conduct Property Owner survey and focus groups.

  • JUNE 2023 | Based on Property Owner feedback, SIPOA retired the Oyster Catcher proposal.

  • MARCH 2023 | Subcommittee reached out to North American Land Trust (NALT) to develop mutual understanding of Lake House operations.

  • FEBRUARY 2023 | Subcommittee released initial concept for new Oyster Catcher facility for Property Owner feedback.

  • JANUARY 2023 | SIPOA Strategic Plan: Advance and execute Renew 50 project based on utilization studies and Property Owner growth projections.

    JANUARY 2023 | Subcommittee renamed Renew 50 subcommittee to commemorate the 50th anniversary of SIPOA in 2024.

  • JANUARY 2021 & 2022 | SIPOA Strategic Plan: Study capabilities and utilization of Lake House and Oyster Catcher facilities and propose upgrades to reflect forecasted demographic changes.

  • MARCH 2020 | Board authorized Long-Range Planning Committee to establish Facilities subcommittee to evaluate facility needs.

  • JANUARY 2019 | SIPOA Comprehensive Plan top strategic issues: Capacity and utilization of Lake House and Oyster Catcher facilities.