Renew 50


As Seabrook Island grows at a pace to reach build-out in about 5 years, meeting the current and anticipated future needs of Property Owners is a top priority for SIPOA.
While the term Renew 50 was used publicly in 2023 to announce a multi-phase facility improvement project, its roots are actually found in SIPOA’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan.
In this Comprehensive Plan, SIPOA’s Planning Committee identified and ranked the top strategic issues facing Seabrook Island. A top issue was to manage and improve both the built and natural environment of Seabrook Island and seek a balance between the two (page 7).


The North American Land Trust (NALT) is a non-profit organization established in 1992.  Its primary mission is to conserve and steward natural and cultural resources through innovative land preservation partnerships.  As such, NALT’s mission aligns well with SIPOA’s vision and mission.  In 1995, the prior owner of the 20-acre property on which the Lake House sits granted a conservation easement to NALT which limits development of the property and obligates the owner to steward the environment consistent with the goals of NALT.  SIPOA inherited those restrictions and obligations when that prior owner donated the property to SIPOA in 1996.

September 8, 2023 | At its August 21, 2023 meeting, the SIPOA Board passed a motion to engage an independent consulting firm whose expertise is in assisting POA’s with facilities management and information collection. This effort is in response to Property Owner comments, inquiries, and observations regarding the Renew 50 project as it was originally proposed. The Renew 50 subcommittee requested an outside subject matter expert to review and verify the Lake House Utilization Analyses previously completed by SIPOA. Further communications will be forthcoming as this project moves forward.

Property Owner engagement is an essential component of Renew 50. Since February 2023, SIPOA has received feedback in several different forms from 15-20% of Property Owners. SIPOA also wants to hear the ideas and opinions of the remaining 80-85%.

The Renew 50 Team is listening.

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