Safety and Security Committee

Committee Charter (Excerpted from the SIPOA Bylaws)

The Safety and Security Committee shall develop rules and regulations, which shall be subject to Board approval, for control of access to the SID, and for the security, protection, safety and welfare of Property Owners and all Persons within the SID. The Committee shall develop programs, policies and rules and regulations covering the employment of security guards, fire protection programs in conjunction with fire protection authorities, traffic control, and enforcement of applicable recorded Protective Covenants, as well as these Bylaws and duly adopted and published rules and regulations. The Safety and Security Committee shall also hear appeals in matters within its jurisdiction. Directors who serve on the Safety and Security Committee must abstain from voting on an appeal of a decision of the Committee to the Board.


Chair: Julie McCulloch
Vice Chair: Phil Squire

2017 Committee Members
Bill Bryant
Lisa Cermak
Ellen Coughlin
Jim Eisenhauer (CERT)
Edward Moran
Harry Vincent (COVAR)

Staff Liaison:
Jenn Miller, SIPOA Director of Security