Activities Committee

Activities Committee:
This Committee is a Special Committee as defined in the SIPOA Bylaws. It is chaired by a member of the SIPOA Board of Directors and serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors.

The Activities Committee is responsible for development of policies with regard to the use of SIPOA’s Recreational Amenities (including The Lake House facility, the Community Center, and pools) for recommendation to the Board of Directors, and development of educational, social and recreational programming. The Committee may at times assist staff in the implementation of recreational programs, social/community events, and SIPOA-sponsored educational programs. The Activities Committee coordinates and oversees various specialized Committees and subcommittees, (for example, Newcomers Reception or others as determined by the Board). The Activities Committee will have a coordination and oversight function relative to SIPOA-sponsored social events.

The Activities committee may be involved in the development of the portions of the annual budget (included in the “Welcome Parties,” “Community Traditions,” and “Fitness Events” GL accounts in the Lake House budget), that support activities and events.

The Committee will periodically review information on trends in facility usage, as well as any developing future needs. These may result in recommendations for changes to facilities to accommodate future needs, new activity programming, and educational, social and recreational needs of the community as a whole. Facility maintenance, fixed assets and capital needs are under the purview of GOMC. The Activities Committee may make recommendations to GOMC, Long Range Planning, and the Board of Directors regarding policies or programs that also impact facilities.

Time Commitment:
The Activities Committee meets monthly for approximately one hour. Subcommittees, if any, meet on an as-needed basis. Committee members may be asked to conduct additional tasks for the committee between meetings.