Welcome to Seabrook Island!

Welcome Letter from Executive Director, Heather Paton, MCM, CMCA, LSM, PCAM



We want to be able to communicate with you, so please be sure that we have your current mailing address, email address, and phone numbers on file. You can submit your information by filling out the New Property Owner(s) Form.

Weekly Highlights eblast – the eblast is sent out every Friday evening with timely information. Sign-up here!

SIPOA Monthly Newsletter – CURRENTS
is a monthly administrative newsletter – you can sign-up here!

Seabrook Island blog, Tidelinesis a timely source of island and local area information.

SIPOA Website
Our website is public; however, some information, like meeting minutes or creating guest passes, is restricted to property owners only and can be accessed through gateaccess.net. You can receive your new property owner login information by emailing sbrewer@sipoa.org.

Governing Documents

Please take a moment to review these documents, as they are necessary and informative, and apply to all Seabrook Island property owners.

Please note that ANY exterior work to be performed at a property from painting, to landscaping, or even tree trimming, must be approved by our ARC department. For forms and ARC information, click on the links below:

ARC Resources

ARC Tips

Backyard Buffers

ARC Frequently Asked Questions

Island Access

Property owners are able to enter the community with vehicle barcodes on their personal vehicles. Guests/Visitors need a pass to enter the community. Please contact the administrative office for property owner barcode fees, or they can be found in the SIPOA Rules and Regulations.

Vehicle Barcodes
You can request your property owners barcodes by filling out the New Vehicle Registration Form.

Guest Passes
Visit gateaccess.net  to request guest and contractor passes. You can input these pass requests via your computer, tablet, or smartphone! The GateAccess.net website offers property owners access to their data. Likewise, the GateAccess.net app is available for iOS and Android devices.

ABDI GateAccess.net System Instructions

ABDI Gate Access App Instructions

Commercial Access FAQs

Note: If you plan to use your property for short-term rentals as an Airbnb or VRBO, a Town of Seabrook Island Business License is required and you must notify the SIPOA administration office to enable you to enter rental passes through the GateAccess system.  You may complete the Business License form here, through the Town of Seabrook Island.

SIPOA Contacts

Administrative Staff

2022 Board of Directors and Committee Assignments

Lake House



2022 Board of Directors

Regime/Association Communities

If you are not familiar with the management company for your specific regime/association, please click here for the regime/association management list.

Garbage Pick-Up

Trash, recycling, and bulk pick-up are provided by SIPOA through Capital Waste Priority. If you do not have a garbage or recycle bin, please email the receptionist at receptionist@sipoa.org to request what you need.

2022 Garbage Schedule

Recycling Information

2022 Brown White Pick-Up Guidelines

More Information

2022 Strategic Plan

2022 SIPOA Fact Sheet

Who Does What?

Behind the Scenes Tour

Committee Descriptions and Time Commitments

Gate Access Instructions

Special Interest Groups

Sign Up For CODERED Alerts

Tips for Helping Loggerheads

Beach Rules and Dogs on the Beach

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Seabrook Island

The Town of Seabrook Island


Staff Directory

Seabrook Island Club


Interactive Map


Berkley Electric – 843-559-2458

Seabrook Island Utility Commission (Water & Sewer) – 843-768-0102

Comcast/Xfinity – 800-934-6489 – Tammy Peak is Seabrook Island’s local Representative. You may contact her by phone at (843)312-2604 or by email at tammy_peak @cable.comcast.com

AT&T – 855-419-8511

Post Office

Johns Island/2860 Maybank Hwy; (800) 275-8777

Fresh Fields Post & Computer / 130 Gardeners Circle; 843.768.2626; postcomputercenter.com/


**Effective January 1, 2005, all new property owners are required to purchase a club membership as outlined by the Seabrook Island Property Owner Association (SIPOA) covenants.