Maryanne Connelly

My husband, Ed Marks and I settled here in the Lowcountry in 2016 moving from New Jersey. Having been a property owner on Kiawah since the mid-1980’s, we came for a vacation after my retirement and never left. We lived at Turtle Point for six years before buying a Salt Marsh townhouse. The feel of a neighborhood and sense of community are what I love about Salt Marsh and by extension Seabrook Island. Seabrook Island amenities, landscaping, and overall community make living here special.

Public Service is a lifelong commitment for me. Soon after settling in our villa, I began volunteer work for Respite Care on Johns Island, Sea Island Habitat for Humanity, and the Kiawah Public Safety Committee. In 2018 I was elected to the Kiawah Town Council and re-elected in 2020. During my tenure I was head of the Public Safety Committee, liaison to the Arts Council, and liaison to the Audit Committee. Since becoming a Seabrook Island resident, I serve on the Safety and Security Committee, and as President of the Sea Island Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors.

My commitment to public service began in my NJ community with a flood plain issue in my neighborhood which resulted in my appointment to the Planning Commission and the Environmental Commission. I then served as Police Commissioner for 9 years and eventually was elected Mayor of my town, Fanwood. In 2000 I ran for the United States Congress, NJ District 7.

As a Human Resources Executive at AT&T, my career encompassed the development and implementation of corporate strategy and the HR needs in several AT&T businesses including International, Business Services, Consumer Products and Bell Laboratories. I completed several Executive Development Programs including the Tuck School at Dartmouth and the Thunderbird School of International Business. I was a member of the planning team for AT&T divesture. I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree, and MBA, and an MA in Education. I have also taught at the High School and University levels.

My adult life has encompassed finding solutions to solve complex issues in both the public and private sector. My leadership experience taught me the value of listening to all sides of stakeholder issues and formulating fair and workable solutions.

My decision to run for the SIPOA board is based on my wanting to be a part of the solution to the problem of preserving what we have, while recognizing the need for future development that will enhance our quality of life. I feel that as a property owner on Seabrook Island I have an obligation to preserve our natural environment and continuously improve the facilities we enjoy. We must consider the impact of the new developments on Johns Island on our infrastructure and our quality of life. We are fortunate to enjoy this paradise, but we must work together to keep it that way. I look forward to working on the challenges we face today.