The maintenance department is responsible for the general maintenance of SIPOA property and facilities.  This includes the Lake House, Admin Building, GateHouse, Community Center (Oyster Catcher), public boardwalks (1-9), landscaped medians, SIPOA common areas, SIPOA roadways, roadway signage, mailboxes, and SIPOA stormwater infrastructure including piping, ponds, and pump stations.  This is a very broad scope of work and we are fortunate to have a maintenance staff with a diverse set of skills that allows them to address tasks that arise, but also look forward and stay ahead of maintenance issues before problems occur. 

2902 Seabrook Island Rd, Johns Island, SC 29455

Gary Brown

Gary has been with SIPOA since 2015.  Gary’s primary responsibilities are focused on the maintenance of SIPOA building facilities.  You can reach Gary at

Duaine Collins

Duaine has been with SIPOA since 2010.  Duaine is responsible for pest control at SIPOA facilities and works directly with contractors for landscaping-related tasks.  You can reach Duaine at

Jonathan Jones

Jonathan was hired by SIPOA in 2019 but has been working on SIPOA pools for over 10 years.  Jonathan is responsible for maintaining all three of SIPOA’s pools and he assists with other building maintenance tasks.  You can reach Jonathan at

Larry Swails

Larry began working for SIPOA in 1997 and has served our community for over 20 years.  Larry is responsible for helping keep our stormwater system maintained including our stormwater pump stations.  You can reach Larry at