The Lake House

Lake House Mission Statement
It is our Mission to provide Seabrook Island Property Owners and their guests a facility in which
they can meet/satisfy their social, intellectual, recreational, fitness and wellness needs in a well
maintained and safe environment.
In the pursuit of this mission, it is important that SIPOA and the Seabrook Island Club continue
to work in concert to ensure that the best interest of all Property Owners are preserved and enhanced.


Provide an atmosphere where people can communicate in a friendly manner, meet new neighbors
and explore new avenues of interest.

Provide an atmosphere that allows for an exchange of ideas that will enable others to learn and
benefit from new knowledge or expand their present level of knowledge.

Provide activities that promote comradeship and enhance life on Seabrook Island.

Fitness and Wellness
Provide an atmosphere that will promote healthier lives and enable people to achieve a better
quality of life.


The SIPOA Lake House is a fitness & wellness facility, providing Seabrook Island property owners and their guests with everything they need to stay happy and healthy with a variety of exercise classes, equipment, swimming, and social groups in a 27,500 sq. ft. facility.

The Lake House boasts a 5-lane, 25-meter indoor fitness pool that is temperature-regulated year-round. There is also a zero-entry outdoor activity pool that provides a water-play area for children, five swimming lanes, and plenty of deck space to relax and enjoy the sun.

The fitness space includes a cardio area with a variety of options including treadmills, adaptive motion trainers, recumbent bikes, spinning bikes, and rowing machines. There is also a weight-training area that includes free weights, cable machines, and weight machines to target every major muscle group in the body. The Lake House also has a wide variety of group fitness classes (including pilates, aerobics, and yoga), as well as personal trainers to assist you in any fitness goal you may have, plus aqua-aerobics for those seeking a low impact workout.