Indoor/Outdoor Pool & General Information

Amenity Cards are REQUIRED for access to The Lake House. Please remember to bring your amenity card with you.

Please note that everyone (vaccinated and unvaccinated) is required to wear a mask inside The Lake House. However, masks may be removed while exercising.


Beginning October 1st, The Lake House Indoor Pool will follow the following lane designations:

Lane 1 – WATER THERAPY (with the stairs)

Lane 2 & 3–  LAP SWIMMING

Lane 4 & 5 – OPEN SWIM


Monday & Wednesday * 8:00 am—9:00 am

Water Aerobics

Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday  * 8:00 am—9:00 am

Deep Water Aerobics

Tuesday & Thursday * 4:00 pm—5:00 pm

During the above classes, Lane 5 will remain OPEN for LAP SWIMMING ONLY.



Monday through Friday – 9:15 am to Sunset

Saturday and Sunday – 8:00 am to Sunset