General Operations and Maintenance Committee (GOMC)


2020 Stormwater Manhole Rehab Report

Seabrook Island Roadway Management Study

2018 Seabrook Island Roadway Management Report

2016 Stormwater Rehab Program Report

SIPOA Stormwater Drainage Study

High Tides, Storm Surge, and Rain; A Discussion About Flooding

General Operations and Maintenance Committee (GOMC)

This committee shall develop, recommend, and arrange for the implementation of policies and programs for the maintenance of common property owned by SIPOA, such as but not limited to, buildings, roads, bridges, parking spaces, storm drainage systems, signs, and street lighting. The committee shall make recommendations to the Board regarding the acceptance of roads, bridges, drainage easements, and other structures that have been constructed within the SID. The committee shall be responsible for long-range planning of major maintenance relating to roads and drainage and other common properties. The committee shall oversee the development of specifications, requests for proposals, and the review of bids for projects within its jurisdiction.