GateAccess FAQ


SIPOA’s ABDI gate access software went live in February 2018. Detailed information regarding the changes and system log-in information was mailed to all owners in January, however the SIPOA Office is still receiving many questions each day about how to use the system. Here are the 10 most frequently asked questions/answers.

1. Will our barcodes work? Do we need new ones?
YES, they will. There are no changes to your barcodes. Please proceed through the gate as normal.

2. I’ve lost/didn’t receive the information letter sent to all owners in January. How can I get the information?
Information letters were sent to the primary mailing address on file for each property in early January. If you didn’t receive the letter and instructions, please contact us to verify we have your most current information. You can contact us at 843.768.0061 or

3. Am I required to access the system online?
No. It is simply an easy way to manage your visitors without having to call the gate. If you choose not to use the system, you can still phone the gate to arrange visitor passes, but need to use your NEW verbal passcode. The passcode was included in the January letter referenced in question 2.

4. I don’t know my verbal passcode/I received my verbal passcode but want to change it.
Contact the SIPOA office at 843.768.0061 or

5. Will my old SIPOA logins work with the new gate access system?
NO. For your first login to you must use the temporary user name and password that will allow you access to the system.

6. I cannot enter the Community Code.
When you access, you’ll see the community code box on the first screen. To the right of that box is a drop-down arrow. Click on the arrow and you’ll see the first option that appears is 102, and a list of numbers and letters below. Scroll down the list and choose SIPOA as the code. Once you’ve done that, you can check the “remember” box so you won’t have to scroll in the future.

7. How do I change my user name and password?
Once you’ve logged in with your community code and temporary credentials, you’ll see a “Login Information” tab. Click that tab and proceed to update your username and password. Please follow the directions carefully. The username and passwords are case sensitive. Avoid using symbols, and do not use spaces. Once you’ve entered your updated information, click “Update Information”. If your information was updated successfully, you will see the message “Your username and password have been updated successfully” in small green print above the login information tab. It may look like the system didn’t accept the information because the fields will then become empty. Don’t worry, the information was updated.

8. How do I access the ABDI GateAccess app for my smart device?
The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Search for ABDI GateAccess (the icon is a red stop sign on a white background). NOTE: your login information needs to be updated through on your home computer, laptop or tablet before you can begin using the app. Also, if you haven’t installed the latest system updates to your phone or tablet, the app will deny access until the updates are installed.

9. I own more than one property; can I use the same username and password for both?
No. Each property has a unique username and password.

10. I’ve tried to access the system and am locked out.
The system allows 3 log in attempts. If incorrect information is entered more than 3 times, the system will lock for 60 minutes. Wait 60 minutes, verify your information and try again with the correct information.