Flood Education Program Overview

The What

The SIPOA Flood Education Program, Goal #8 of the SIPOA Long Range Plan, is a series of focused communication events on topics related to Seabrook Island flood prevention and mitigation. The audience is the property owner community who voiced a strong interest in this topic through our annual survey. Our intention is to provide useful information and address flooding concerns on two fronts: individual homes and Seabrook Island. The FEP is all about raising awareness to help reduce residents’ home and property risk and damage caused by flooding. The effort is being led by the SIPOA Communications Committee with an FEP subcommittee.

The How

The education and awareness events and activities utilize the existing Seabrook Island communication channels including SIPOA.org, Tidelines, CURRENTS, and more with both distance and in-person learning opportunities. We have developed both video and written educational resources to best meet audience learning preferences. The multi-media approach reaches a wide audience at varying levels of flood awareness interest and proficiency. New and updated resources will be made available on an ongoing basis to keep this topic fresh.

The When

The FEP was launched in April 2021. The FEP design took place over Summer 2021 with the launch of educational tools and resources in September 2021.

Property Owners’ input on Flood Education Program topics is welcome through ‘Public Comment’ on SIPOA.org.

Flood Education Program Topics

Flooding 101

You, Your Seabrook Island Home & Flooding

Seabrook Island Storm Water Management

Flood Resources