Seabrook Island uses Charleston County Evacuation Zone A. Please follow the directions below, or go to charlestoncounty.org for more information. 

Evacuees will use Road S-20 (Bohicket Road) to US 17 south. Then SC64 to Walterboro and continue to Augusta, Ga.


Evacuation of Seabrook Island may be ordered in advance of a disaster event or following a disaster event when public health and safety are at significant risk. EARLY EVACUATION, when possible, will ameliorate travel delays away from threatened areas. Following evacuation, resident return will be permitted once the Town’s essential infrastructure and services are sufficiently restored for the Town to resume regular operations. Information for residents regarding emergency response and recovery will be communicated through public information statements issued via one or more of: Code Red warning system, local media, the Town website, the Town “800” number (888-314-3177), and e-mail based on the Property Owners Association e-mail list. The Town’s Twitter account (@SeabrookIslnd87) will be used for notices of information updates available at the website or “800” number.


  • Plan before the storm arrives and avoid a last minute rush which could leave you marooned.
  • Keep your car fueled. Service stations may be inoperable for several days after the storm due to flooding or interrupted electrical power.
  • Familiarize with the evacuation route from Seabrook Island to the mainland and beyond. click here for the evacuation map
  • Drive with extra care, particularly through roads covered with water. Do not try to cross an area unless you are certain the water will not be above the middle of your car’s wheels. Put your car in low gear and drive very slowly to avoid splashing water into your engine, which could cause it to stall.
  • Listen to your car radio for weather reports and evacuation directions.
  • Prepare for a long trip in your vehicle. Be sure and carry supplies you will need in the car with you as you may be in traffic for up to 12 hours.