Proposed Bylaws and Covenants Amendments

To all Seabrook Island Property Owners:

During the past several months the SIPOA Legal Committee has conducted a thorough review of the Bylaws and Covenants. This group held six meetings to discuss the necessary and appropriate changes to be proposed. In response to the committee’s recommendations, the SIPOA Board of Directors met in three special sessions in order to review and comment on the legal committee’s work.

The proposed changes are now ready for your (property owners) review. The details of the revisions, including redlined versions of each proposed amendment, are provided in this packet. There is also a link to a form that property owners can use to submit their comments. Please consider your comments carefully and respond on or before October 12, 2020. Once we have your reactions to the proposed changes, the board will consider them and vote in November to determine which of the recommended changes should be submitted to the property owners for referendum and included in the annual meeting materials.

We thank you in advance for your careful consideration of this most important information.

Bylaws Changes with Rationale

Covenants Changes with Rationale

Bylaws/Covenants Public Comment Form

Dan Kortvelesy,

President SIPOA Board of Directors