Dewaine Cherry

I grew up in Tipton, Indiana, an idyllic farming community of about 5,000 residents.

Following High School, I received a Congressional appointment to the United States Naval Academy. I graduated in 1973 with a General Engineering/International Relations BS degree.

I entered Flight School in Pensacola and received my Naval Flight Officers (NFO) Wings in 1974. I flew in the F4 Phantom as a Radar Intercept Officer (RIO) for 5 years on active duty, after which I worked in the Aerospace Defense and Automotive Electronics Industries. I also served an additional 15 years in the Naval / Air Force Reserves.

As Marketing Director for Surface to Air Missiles at General Dynamics I was responsible for the development and implementation of product strategic plans. This required coordinating/interfacing across multiple organizations to establish common and acceptable performance requirements. The communication, planning, and compromising skills I developed will be transferable to my role as a member of the SIPOA board.

As Program Manager at Delphi Electronics, I was responsible for managing multiple teams in development of advanced automotive electronic technologies and products. The leadership skills (lead by example, develop trust, deliver, inspire) resulted in our teams consistently achieving outstanding performance levels. My skills in Effective Problem Solving were key in assuring milestones were achieved.

My wife Roseanna and I have been married for 48 years and are both retired. We fell in love with Seabrook Island on our first visit in 2010 and have been part time residents since 2012. The beauty of the environment and community is a real gem to be protected and cherished. The Island just has so much to offer.

We have 3 wonderful children and 6 beautiful grandchildren all located in the Midwest. We enjoy spending time with them and traveling. Through my work we have enjoyed opportunities to reside in many diverse locations including England, Germany, Korea, Massachusetts and California. We currently divide our time between our small farm in Indiana and our special getaway on Seabrook Island. We usually come to Seabrook Island 3-4 times a year for a total time period of about 5 months on the island.

COVID resulted in Seabrook Island being discovered as the wonderful place that it is. Effective management of the influx of new residents and visitors during this time period was challenging. SIPOA has done an excellent job implementing policies to effectively manage the impact of this influx on the environment and the community.

The island will soon be built out, and the dynamics of the island should become more stable and constant. Going forward we must focus on the enforcement of existing policies and development of additional policies that protect our natural beauty and environment while maintaining and improving the services the island offers.

As a board member I will serve in the best interest of all property owners to continue to make Seabrook Island a beautiful and wonderful special place. I feel I have the experience and necessary skill set to help make that happen.