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SIPOA Reintroduces the “Get the Scoop” Program

Before the pandemic, SIPOA sponsored informational presentations known as Get the Scoop with topics of common interest for all Seabrook Island property owners. But like so many things over the last two and a half years, COVID was a major disruption. The previous Get the Scoop program was a casualty.

The two SIPOA-Sponsored programs last June, one on Flood Education and the second on Bitcoin & Blockchain were all well-attended with positive feedback. The success of both provided anecdotal evidence that the island’s property owners continue to appreciate community-wide educational-based events.

On September 7, SIPOA will reintroduced a new re-energized Get the Scoop series of presentations. These programs will be far-ranging and diverse. The goal is to provide Seabrook Island’s Property Owners with multiple opportunities moving to learn and benefit from the information provided. The aim is to increase Seabrooker’s engagement with the Island and expand their overall knowledge and well-being.

The first program, The History of Seabrook Island’s Beaches, was by noted geologist and beach restoration expert Tim Kana of Coastal Science & Engineering. The program began at 12:30pm in the Oyster Catcher Community Center before moving to the beach at Boardwalk 1. This program was fascinating for all who attended amongst the dynamic nature of our beaches and the measures SIPOA has taken to maintain them.

But there is more! Dr. Kana’s program was only the first of seven planned events. The new Get the Scoop program season begins on Labor Day and continues until Memorial Day, with a break for the year-end holidays.

Stay tuned – more Get the Scoop events coming soon!