Elections Committee

Elections Committee:
Prior to the Annual Meeting of Property Owners, an Elections Committee of no fewer than three (3) members consisting of Property Owners in Good Standing or spouses or Declared Domestic Partners of such Property Owners, or holders of an equitable or beneficial interest in Property owned by an Entity that is a Property Owner in Good Standing, who are not on the Board or Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President subject to the approval of the Board to verify and certify the validity of ballots cast and tabulations of votes cast for elections or on any other matter voted on at such meeting or ballots in any Referendum. The Elections Committee shall report its findings to the Secretary as soon as practical following a Referendum or the Annual Meeting or special meeting at which a vote is taken. The Elections Committee shall also be charged with the authority and responsibility to approve the Annual Meeting minutes. The term of the Elections Committee shall expire upon appointment of its successor.

Time Commitment:
The time commitment for the Elections Committee consists of an organizational meeting in January, followed by working several hours a week for approximately four weeks tallying votes in preparation for the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting, Election Committee volunteers assist in providing replacement and substitute proxy cards to Property Owners who have not voted or desire to change their votes. In addition, this committee may be called upon to assist in other elections as necessary during the year. These duties would involve counting referendum ballot votes for several hours a week for approximately three weeks.